About us

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Baustick, established in 2000 by Bau Group Companies at Van, began its operation with the production of ceramic adhesives and joint sealants, and continues today with the production of all kinds of construction chemicals for the construction sector.

In 2004, Baustick began its operation in thermal insulation sector under Baustick brand with business partners with local businessmen.

With the enormous investments made to its manufacturing technology and R&D activities, Baustick produces top quality products. Baustick has become a great power and an exemplary company within its sector in terms of technology and R&D operations with the experience it has gained. Baustick has managed to reach the level of manufacturing products with the same quality and performance and in accordance with European Quality Standards in all its factories no matter where it goes with the raw materials of the area in which it operates. Manufactured in accordance with ISO 9001 Quality Management System and TSE and European Standards, Baustick products preserve their quality not only in the manufacturing process but also during and after application for many years.

Baustick, which has a total manufacturing capacity of 700 thousand tons of construction chemicals with its 4 construction chemicals factories at home.