Silicone-Based Exterior Paint (BS-025)

bs-025A silicone emulsion-based, Pale-coloured, ready-to-use facade paint with excellent covering and water repellency. It is resistant to atmosphere conditions, air pollution and UV lights, and prepared by the combination of environmentally friendly additives and polymer.

DESCRIPTION: Baustick Thermal Insulation Paint is a silicone emulsion based, mat, and final coat exterior paint. The labyrinth texture in the silicone structure of Baustick ensures that the moisture within the walls is extracted without hindrance, and thus the walls remain dry constantly. Baustick BS – 025 incorporates to the surface of application, and thus swellings and disintegrations are prevented. The paint is resistant to atmospheric conditions and pollutions, sunrays, frictions and impacts.

APPLICATION SURFACES: The paint can be applied on plastered, sprinkled, trimmed, concrete and mineral surfaces, on Baustick Mineral Coating and also on discolored and  self-lifting silicate or acrylic based paints for r
estoration. Since the respiration capability of the paint is high, application of it on heat insulation systems is especially recommended.

APPLICATION: The application surface should be firmly fixed, clean and self-lifting. And applied on the exterior in 2 layers with a brush, roll or sprayer. Applying Baustick BS – 025 Silicone Based Exterior Paint Primer definitely onto  pre-painted surfaces after a necessary surface prep aration will provide significant saving on paint consumption. Waiting for 12 hours between the applications of each coat is recommended. Try to ensure that the temperature is between +5°C minimum and +30°C maximum during application. Avoid applying it in windy conditions and under direct sunlight. It is recommended to clean the tools of application with water.
DILUTION (In volume): Dilute with maximum 10% water.

DRYING TIME: Drying to allow touching in 20°C and
65% relative humidity: 1-2 hours. Final drying: 24 hour
s CONSUMPTION : 100-160 ml/m2 for single layer. It should be considered that the specified quantities of consumption may vary depending on the surfaces and application conditions.

PACKAGE: 15lt PE bucket.
STORAGE: Baustick BS – 025 can be stored for 2 years in a cool and dry place protected from frost.
SAFETY CAUTIONS: Keep away from children. In case of contact with face or eyes, immediately rinse with plenty of clean water.