EIFS and Environment

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Protecting the environment by thermal insulation can be considered as leaving a liveable environment for future generations. The most basic indication of protecting our natural environment is to take effective measures against global warming caused by greenhouse effect, and prevent pollution in the nature and atmosphere.

Greenhouse gases, which come off as a result of using fossil fuels for heating and cooling purposes, cause temperature increase in our world. Carbon dioxide (CO2) is the most polluting gas in the atmosphere. The increasing amount of CO2 in the atmosphere triggers the global warming.

Potential threats, which will be faced by humankind due to climate changes caused by the global warming, can be listed as follows:

— Threat against the future of animal and plant species due to the fact that disturbed natural balance causes great destruction in the ecological system,

— Mass famine and epidemics with the fact that drought and desertification increasingly have effects on larger areas,

— Sulfur dioxide (SO2) gas causes a significant destruction on forestlands and acid rains by combining with water vapor.

Thermal insulation, which is performed in accordance with the related rules, is one of the most effective tools in combating against greenhouses gases like carbon dioxide and sulfur dioxide that have the most destructive effect on the nature.