Technical Datasheet

Technical Datasheet

In the technical datasheet below are the required information. If you need more information about technical datasheet you can contact at

Baustick EPS System Components

Baustick Thermal Insulation Board (BS-0250)     PDF

Baustick External Insulation System Components

– Baustick Thermal Insulation Board Adhesive Mortar (BS-013)   PDF
– Baustick Thermal Insulation Board Plaster Mortar (BS-016)   PDF
Baustick Thermal Insulation Decorative Mineral Plaster (BS-012)   PDF
– Baustick Reinforcement Mesh (BS-085)   PDF
– Baustick Primer (BS-018)   PDF
– Silicone-Based Exterior Paint (BS-025)   PDF
– Baustick EPS Meshed PVC Corner Profile (BS-086)   PDF
– Baustick EPS Anchor (BS-088)   PDF